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Bouvardias with flair

Flowers are my passion

Gert-Jan van Rijn is owner of Florijn Flowers and can rightfully be called every inch a grower. “Bouvardia is a beautiful and elegant flower that has a broad range of possibilities. Bouvardia cultivation is small scale in character. This unique flower has many applications and is very usefull in a romantic bouquet or stylish arrangement. We would like to make the flower known to a broader audience. Florijn Flowers is from the start busy improving the existing cultivation techniques.  High quality is very important for us, for our partners and the consumer.”

Florijn Flowers Royal Daphne Supreme foto vanuit kas
Royal Daphne Supreme

Bouvardias fit in every interior

A milestone has been reached. Whether it's to do with work, a relationship, efforts as a volunteer or as a member of a sports club, it is worth celebrating. As a token of your appreciation for his endless efforts, a beautiful Bouvardia arrangement is definitely recommended.

You can make this sturdy and lavish by combining splendid white Bouvardia Royal Daphne Supreme with different types of green.

Florijn Flowers Royal Daphne Fresco foto vanuit kas
Royal Daphne Fresco

Essential in a romantic bouquet

‘Say it with flowers’ is a well-known expression. But which flowers really express what you feel for your beloved? Using the pink Bouvardia Royal Daphne Fresco, you can create a special heartwarming bouquet that will certainly appeal to your sweetheart.